Trip | Leg Stretching

8 September 2015 13:37

I’m now at 80km of my 120km etappe of today. I started with a bit of regular road, and then I followed the Meuse(?) for 20km above Mons.

After that a piece of 10km cobblestone switched off with a dirt road with deep puddles. Luckily after that I had a lot of luck.

From then to now and tens of kilometres to go I’m on a so-called RAVeL, which is old railroad tracks that have been converted to bike and also footpaths. Because a train doesn’t have a lot of friction to the tracks, there can’t be steep ascents or descents.

I really thank the NMBS/SNCB for not using these tracks anymore and the Communauté Wallonne for making this into very good bike paths.

I’ve posted some things on instagram today too.