Trip | Quiet

9 September 2015 18:58

Today was a shorter trip, I have in total done 70km.

I’ve started by taking some weird roads that are usually for people with 4x4’s or maybe tractors through the woods. They were quite steep, so I got a bit of delay there.

Then I entered France, and went through Fumay and some other small villages back to Belgium. I did that because of the shape of Belgium having quite an inham at that point.

Back in Belgium I noticed a screw holding up my mudbar and baggage rack was gone, I first tried duct taping them together to keep my bad from ruining my wheel, but that didn’t work. Eventually I used a. stick I sharpened to the right diameter as a replacement for the screw.

From there I continued for a bit of the steep ascent after the descent, but after that I mostly followed the secondary route.

I passed through towns like Bièvre, Carlsbourg, Bertrix and then arrived at Orgeo, a part of Bertrix.

I arrived at 17:15 and then had a shower, and had spaghetti after that (the host made it).

Now I’m doubting if I couldn’t do something extra to stop tomorrow, but I’m not so sure yet. I’ll research first.